Foreign exchange rates for 28/09/2020
    London Metal Exchange data for 28/09/2020
    Copper 6,110.00
    Nickel 13,045.00
    Tin 17,100.00
    Lead 1,816.00
    Zinc 2,078.50

    About us

    Scientific and Production Association "RIVS" is a Russian company that comprehensively solves the problem of mineral processing.


    The company performs:


    • Design and construction of new plants

    • Reconstruction of existing plants

    • Project management

    • Development and manufacturing of new machines and mechanisms

    • Modernization of mineral processing equipment

    • Research and development of new mineral processing technologies

    • Implementation of new technologies with achievement of guaranteed process performance

    • Commissioning and management of new technologies at mineral processing plants, including staff training

    • Audit of mineral processing plants

    • Integrated automation of technological processes and raw material handling, including development of Automatic Process Control Systems for mineral processing plants

    • Spare parts supply

    • Service maintenance

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