Foreign exchange rates for 28/09/2020
London Metal Exchange data for 28/09/2020
Copper 6,110.00
Nickel 13,045.00
Tin 17,100.00
Lead 1,816.00
Zinc 2,078.50


Science and production association “Development, Manufacture, Implementation, Service” (the first letters of the worlds in Russian formed the name of the company, so it is an abbreviation of the words) ( SPA RIVS) carries out its business activity in the field of equipment designing and manufacture, and manufacturing engineering support of dressing process for mineral processing plants.
Environment protection is one of the priority directions of the company activity.
SPA RIVS has a firm intention to offer to customers and consumers the products and services compliant in quality with those offered in the European countries.
The company undertakes obligations to follow requirements of nature protection legislation as much as possible at the modern level of machinery and technology development in the mining industry.
The company minimizes hazardous impact of its activity on the environment condition with the help of the Ecological Management
System, which is formed on the basis of the international standard ISO 14001.

SPA RIVS activity in the field of labour safety and environment protection is aimed at the following targets:

1.    Manufacture and scientific activity in compliance with the ecological legislation and other regulation requirements active in the Russian Federation and in the countries of the Customer plants location;
2.    Minimization of business activity impact on the plants personnel and the environment;
3.    Constant improvement of labour conditions and reduction of the plants operation impact on the environment condition;
4.    Prevention of accidents at plants and ecological risks;
5.    Rational usage of natural resources;
6.    Constant improvement of existing technologies and development and implementation of new ones regarding technical and ecological safety standards;
7.    Environmental performance improvement of production process.

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