Foreign exchange rates for 28/09/2020
London Metal Exchange data for 28/09/2020
Copper 6,110.00
Nickel 13,045.00
Tin 17,100.00
Lead 1,816.00
Zinc 2,078.50

“Uchalinsky GMA” LLC, the town of Uchaly,  the Republic of Bashkortostan.

The Company was founded on June 01, 2004.
At the present time the company is specialized in the following business activity:
- processing equipment structural  items  manufacture and installation;
- processing equipment installation, servicing and maintenance;
- metal structures and non-standard equipment manufacture and installation.

“Ingenerno-Ispytatelnyi centr” (Engineering Test Centre) LLC, Kirov Plant, St.Petersburg.

The Centre is specialized in mining processing equipment and component parts manufacture.

Progress M LLC, the village of Gorelovo, the Leningrad region.

The company manufactures bearing assemblies, impellers, saddles and plugs frames for flotation machines.
It deals with press mould manufacture and maintenance.

Elastopolymet LLP, the city of Kentau, the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Operation facilities of Elastopolymet LLP allows manufacturing of a vast range of industrial rubber goods of high quality regarding customers’ individual demands.
Developed rubber compounding takes into consideration particular features of products operation at plants and ensures a high wear-resistance and life-time.

Business unit of the Automation Department, St.-Petersburg.

The company manufactures field automation systems of technological process and equipment, as well as integrated systems of process stages (PSS).

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