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Automation Department Structure

Automation Department consists of the following subdivisions:
● Chief Specialist Office
● Design Department
● Programming Office
● Production Department
● Bureau for Accessories
● Finished Products Shipment Sector

Chief Specialist Office

It consists of highly skilled specialists with great experience in development and implementation of both separate components of management and control systems and complex automatic process control systems (APCS) for separate production stages and units in general. Office specialists take part in all stages of work execution from site survey and design specification obtaining to object commissioning to customer.


Design Department

Design Department has executed dozens of complex automation projects for different production stages at dressing mills. Staff’s great experience in development and implementation of automated systems allows elaborating the best flowshhet and technical solutions for definite technological processes control.
APCS design efficiency improvement was contributed by implementation of modern computer assisted design system made by EPLAN Software & Service, which is a complex of adjacent software solutions.

EPLAN implementation results:

• It reduces project design time and design work costs;
• It improves the quality of issued documentation;
• It reduces substantially percent of handwork;
• It excludes error possibility in final documents;
• It increases project supervision level;
• It increases designers work output;

• It improves automated service work efficiency by not less than 60-70%.

Programming Office

Office specialists execute total scope of work on software designing and implementation for all levels: local, unit and complex (APCS).



Production Department

It executes the whole work cycle on the manufacturing of nonstandard automated system elements in accordance with documentation designed by Design Department. Specialists have a range of required machines, tools and devices allowing maintaining of professional level of work. Finished products pass output inspection at specialized stand imitating field work.

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