Foreign exchange rates for 28/09/2020
London Metal Exchange data for 28/09/2020
Copper 6,110.00
Nickel 13,045.00
Tin 17,100.00
Lead 1,816.00
Zinc 2,078.50

Digital-and-analog Centre

Digital and Analog Center is equipped with new equipment and allows solving the following tasks:

● mathematical modeling of controlled objects (CO);
● physical modeling, including using new technical means, regulation systems in closed-loop cycle with CO;
● physical modeling of networks of different configurations within APCS;
● software debugging;
● training and advance training for specialists;
● practical demonstration of products made by “NPO “RIVS” in automation sphere.

The presence of Digital Analog Center improves products efficiency, reduces automation system commissioning
time in industrial enterprises.
In our centre we train specialists of the enterprises where the equipment of “NPO “RIVS” is installed or planning to be installed.

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