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Organizational Structure of Closed JSC RIVS-Project

High qualified specialists with work experience at mining enterprises work in the Company. Specialists of the Company take part in designing of industrial facilities in the territory of the Russian Federation, the CIS countries and neighboring countries.

I. Process Department

1. Collection of main initial data. Selection of the plot for facility placement
2. Elaboration of the general provisions of processing technology, arrangement and composition:
• calculation of basic flow charts of processes from the place of raw and other materials incoming to output of the finished product;
• machine flow sheets of process equipment (including lifting and transporting equipment);
• process diagrams for buildings (shop floors) indicating location of the main process equipment, transport vehicles, points of control over quantity and quality of raw materials and other points – for industrial purpose facilities;

• diagram of reagent preparation and feeding;
• technology of purification and conditioning of recycled water;
• measures on labor protection, safety and environmental protection

3. Coordination with the Customer the made main decisions on equipment arrangement, process and design solutions in compliance with engineering documentation of the equipment suppliers.
4. Elaboration of general provisions for general engineering project sections, arrangement and composition of equipment and premises: Electric Power Supply System, Water Supply and Sewerage; Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Heating Networks; Low-Power Networks- Communication, Control, Master Clock System; Control and Automation, Automated Process Control System, Automated System of Analytical Monitoring.
5. Environmental protection.
6. Coordination with the Customer of the basic decisions on equipment arrangement, clarification of Technical Specifications in the part of process and design solutions made.
7. Custom specifications for process and service equipment according to the materials of quatations from equipment suppliers.
8. Distribution of data sheets to hold tender procurement of equipment.
9. Elaboration and distribution of assignments for project’s sections.
10.  Making of Detailed design drawings.

II. Electrical Engineering Department

1. Electric power supply of facilities, power lines up to 10 kW, Automated Control System of Electrical Drives (ACS ED), lighting of industrial and utility premises, outdoor lighting;

● power supply (transformer substations, power lines, diesel power plants);
● electric power equipment and automation of machinery (electic drive control of engineering machines for mining complexes – processing plants as well as service facilities: boilers, water supply and sewerage pumping stations)
● electric lighting (of industrial premises of surface complexes, service premises of field camps);

2. Systems of uninterrupted and continuous power supply;
3. All kinds of grounding including autonomous circuit for computer equipment, electrostatic protection for all project’s sections;
4. Management of continuous handling system (CHS), Automated Control System of Electrical Drives (ACS ED), automated control system of power supply (ACS-energo);
5. Electrical detailed design documentation includes detailed design documentation for installation of Automated Process Control System (APCS) in the part concerning equipment management as well as automated control system of power supply (ACSE) and automated dispatch control system (ADCS).


III. Automation

The modern trend in dressing development is characterized with involvement of low-grade and mineralogically complex raw material into processing; process flow sheets and modes are becoming more complicated.

In such situation more and more important role in receiving of steadily high parameters plays automation of technological processes of ore processing and ore dressing. At the modern processing facility it is rather difficult to achieve the appropriate level of technological parameters implementation set in feasibility study and process procedures without an automated control system.

Simultaneously, management efficiency in its turn depends heavily on the applied concept of the automatic system structure. Provided that it is necessary to understand technological characteristics of the controlled object , to consider its multi-factor character and mutual correlation of its parameters, complicity of strictly mathematical description of the object, non-linearity of models and need for their adaptation.

Construction of the Automated Process Control System (APCS) includes:

1. field (local) automation;
2. construction of APCS parts according to technological process stages – medium level;
3. construction of enterprise APCS – upper level;
4. Implementation of APCS on a turn-key basis:
● designing and delivery on a ‘TURN-KEY BASIS’ of analytical (element) control systems for dressing products;
● delivery of equipment and component parts of the automation system;
● accomplishment of the whole cycle of works at the Customer’s facility: supervised installation, startup, training of the operational personnel and commissioning;
● means of communication and alarm for mining, processing plants, additional purpose facilities: industrial automatic telephone communication, dispatching communication, loud-speaking communication, radio communication, electric master clock, fire and burglar alarm, perimeter alarm, application of industrial television.

IV. Environmental protection, Environmental and Industrial Safety Ensuring

● elaboration of Sections ‘List of Measures for Environmental Protection’ (LMEP), ‘Measures for Environmental Protection’ (MEP) in the design documentation, including the issues of impact assessment of capital construction facilities on environment (IAE);

● elaboration of project of maximum permitted emissions (MPE) of polluting substances for enterprises;

elaboration of project of maximum allowable discharge of substances and microorganisms into water bodies for water users (MAD);

● elaboration of project for the size substantiation (reduction), general improvement and landscaping of the sanitary-protection zone of the enterprise;

● elaboration of project of waste generation and waste disposal limits (WGWDL);

● elaboration of passport and process procedure for construction wastes handling;

● preparation of materials for Licensing of the activities on hazardous wastes handling;

● elaboration of program for environmental monitoring of environmental components;

● arrangement of public consultations.

V. Estimate and Economics Department

1. Estimate documentation on construction of designed facility (capital expenditures).

2. Estimate documentation for construction organization projects (COP);

3. Conducting of marketing research of the market of raw materials, equipment and sales;

4. Calculating of new production’s demand in raw material resources and energy sources;

5. Carrying out of overall summary estimate, production cost of products planned for output, production profitability, payback of investment projects


VI. Construction group

General engineering design


VII. Special Section

● collection of initial data;

● design specification;

● construction and general designing of facilities;
● special sections of the design documentation ;
● preparation of documentation for construction

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