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Quality Policy

Performance of works on design and reconstruction of mineral processing plants and complexes of iron and non-ferrous metallurgy and mining chemical feedstock, construction materials industry, accomplishment of functions as the general designer and management of construction projects on a turn-key basis of the facilities for the above-mentioned purpose.
Closed JSC RIVS-Project being a subsidiary of a joint venture in the form of Closed Joint-Stock Company IVS (JV CJSC IVS) is guided by strategic approaches of the mother company in order to achieve leading positions at the market.
Policy of Closed JSC RIVS-Project defines the objectives, activity approaches and obligations of the company in the sphere of quality considering the level of consumer satisfaction, compliance of the quality management system with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008, efficient application of the system and dynamics of its improvement (constant elevation of quality management system’s performance).

Main objectives of the Company in the sphere of quality management:

● development of consumer’s confidence that the works performed by the Company will always possess the stated quality, and comply with requirements of national and international standards;
● constant elevation of consumer’s satisfaction;
● receiving of steady profit providing timely implementation of new technologies, increase incompetitiveness of works and fair labor payment for the personnel;
● continuous improvement of the Company’s activity based on mutually beneficial long-term relations with our business partners;
● stabilization and development of economic situation of the Company.

Key business lines of the Company in the sphere of quality:

● ensuring and maintaining of the Company’s reputation as the supplier of high quality projects of mineral processing plants, structures and complexes of enterprises of industrial construction materials, non-ferrous , iron metallurgy and mining chemical feedstock;
● reliable partnership satisfying any reasonable demands and expectations of the consumer;
● compliance of the quality management system with the requirements of national and international standards of GOST R ISO 9001-2008, its improvement as well as implementation of the process approach and assessment of the Company’s operating efficiency;
● extension of nomenclature of works with market novelty.

To achieve the set objectives and implement Quality Policy we intend to solve the following tasks:

● to form consumer’s demands on the basis of constant analysis of modern and perspective requirements;
● to exercise control over performed works essential to make sure that the demands and expectations of the consumers are satisfied;
● selecting reliable contractors-designers and suppliers involved into projects of engineering solutions and equipment, concluding long-term agreements on mutually beneficial basis with them, inclusion of requirements on ensuring of quality and required control to contracts, to ensure the quality level of provided design-survey and surveyor’s works exceeding the consumer’s expectations;
● to perform works on permanent advanced training and competence of the Company’s personnel on a regular basis;
● to arrange studying the Quality Policy and requirements of the quality management system by all employees of the Company, to achieve their understanding and accomplishment in everyday activity;
● to ensure efficient functioning of the quality management system by holding internal audits, analysis on the part of authorities and execution of preventing and correction actions.

Achievement of objectives in the sphere of quality is our obligation which we undertake towards constant and potential consumers of our works.

Our Company undertakes to perform all provisions of the Quality Policy and make no actions contradicting this Policy.

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