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RIF Aeration Units

For pneumatic mechan floatation machines modernization.

Economy is the key to success in our conditions. We suggest reducing the prime cost of the production by increasing the aeration unit lifetime with electric power economy, increasing the efficiency of the equipment operation with reduction of losses in the tailing.

The association has developed and implementated production of aeration units of new design (RIF — 5, RIF — 6, RIF —7, RIF —9, RIF —li, RIF —13) for pneumatic mechanical floatation machines with chamber capacity from 0.5 up to 130 m3. RIF Aeration Units are completely compatible with all unit types of the above-mentioned floatation machines and may be successfully used during modernization of the existing floatation machines park at dressing plants

Unique aeration unit

High quality new hydrodynamic conditions created by RIF Aeration Units of new design due to optimal bottom and rising flows of pulp allow increasing the amount of fine-dispersed air and reducing power consumed by the aerator unit drive of new design.

Optimal calculation of axial clearance

Optimal axial clearance between an impeller and stator allows increasing the nominal lifetime of RIF Aeration Units as compared to existing units with less axial clearance. Indexes of metal recovery in this case remain for longer operational period.

Aeration unit for larger productivity

Better air dispersion and vertical circulation of pulp provide high process parameters as well as large productivity of pulp flow.


Implementation of RIF Aeration Units allows to:
• reduce consumed power; 
• reduce floatation capacity due to floatation rate increase; 
• increase operational reliability

Deterioration limitation

To limit deterioration of impeller and stator, an aeration unit is installed a lot higher than the chamber bottom. Thus, there is no contact with granular material and foreign items. High position of the impeller allows starting floatation chambers easily after emergency shutdowns. This is a positive difference of RIF Aeration Units.

Proved superiority

Our association successfully used its developments of RIF Aeration Units during modernization of pneumatic mechanical floatation machines at dressing plants of the following enterprises: Achpolymetal; (Kazakhstan), DGMK; (Kazakhstan), VKMKhK (Kazakhstan), Zhezken Mining and dressing complex; (Kazakhstan), BGMK (Kazakhstan), Molybden; (Russia), Uchalinsky Mining and dressing complex (Russia), Pechenga nickel; (Russia), Norilsk Nickel (Russia), Erdenet (Mongolia),  Bor-Undur mining and dressing complex (Mongolia) and others. The experience of industrial operation has proved RIF Aeration Units superiority against existing domestic and foreign aeration units in terms of the following:
• the amount of fine-dispersed air is increased up to 30%; 
• uniform distribution of air bubbles across the chamber surface, smooth froth layer with continuous removal of the froth product to channels; 
• effective floatation of particles of wide fineness range including the class of +0.2 mm and more; 
• high process parameters in terms of useful components content in concentrates, reduction of useful components losses in tailings.

The following table contains the enterprises with the aeration units РИФ installed on the existing floatation machines:


Floatation operation

Floatation machine type


Norilsk Nickel, JSC



Kola Mining and metallurgical combine JSC

Inter-cycle, rough control and recleaning Ni floatation

ОК 38

Norilsk Mining and metallurgical combine JSC

Ni  floatation

ОК 130

Uchalinsky Mining and dressing complex JSCUchaly MDP

Bulk Cu-Zn floatation

FPM 16

Kovdorsky Mining and dressing complex JSC

Recleaning P205 floatation. Main and control P205 floatation

ОК 38
ОК 50

Apatit Production association

Nephelinic floatation, P2O5 floatation

ОК 38



ОК 30
ОК 10


Kazakhmys Corporation JSC

Rough Cu floatation


Balkhashsky Mining and dressing complex

Main Cu floatation

FPM 16

Zhezken Mining and dressing complex JSC

Cu-floatation, 1-st Cu recleaning 
Zn floatation

FPM 16
FPM 16

Zhezkazgantsvetmet JSC

Underflow Cu floatation

FPM 16

Vostokkazmed branch

Bulk Cu-Zn floatation.

Zn floatation

FPM 12,5
FPM 16

Kazzinc JSC, Riddersky Mining and dressing complex

Bulk Cu-Pb-Zn floatation

FPM 6,3


Almalyk Mining and dressing complex JSC

Bulk and control floatation

FPM 16


Erdenet Joint venture

Bulk Cu-Mo floatation
Recleaning Cu-Mo floatation  
Industrial product floatation 
Bulk Cu-Mo floatation

FPM 12,5
FPM 16
FPM 16
FPM 40, ОК 50

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