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Since the company foundation a peculiar feature of CJSC SPA RIVS activity has been a special approach to the delivered equipment servicing. The company counts on a long-term cooperation with all its customers. Therefore, the company service department deals not only with erection supervision and commissioning works but with equipment servicing and maintenance as well during the whole period of its operation.

The service department range of works is as follows:

• preliminary consultation in equipment technical features, characteristics and completing at the stage of contract of delivery conclusion.

• familiarization with active samples of equipment at operating plants maintaining the equipment delivered by the company

• assistance in optimal equipment selection in accordance with the customer’s inquiry and their facilities peculiarities

• erection supervision and commissioning works

• customer company employees training in the installed equipment operation

• consultations and scheduled diagnostic work

• spare parts and high-wear parts delivery (from the store-house and upon an order)

All equipment delivered by the company is under the company specialists servicing regardless equipment location.

All technical specialists regularly have trainings at the manufacturing factories (abroad as well).


Erection supervision works provisions.

There are two possible options:

1.Erection supervision works execution by the Supplier’s resources

2.Installation works execution by the Customer and erection supervision works execution and designer supervision by the Supplier’s resources.

Each option is considered individually regardless employees qualification level and technical resources in equipment installation at the Customer’s operation site.


Maintenance and warranty servicing provisions

Warranty service is performed in accordance with the equipment delivery contract, with warranty obligations taken by the Supplier. Warranty service is offered provided the Supplier’s representatives execute erection supervision works.

There are three options of the Supplier’s equipment servicing:

1. The Supplier carries out personnel and the customer’s training and offers recommendations upon sufficient spare parts stock to provide equipment trouble-free operation. Maintenance and replacement of the parts out of order shall be executed by the Customer’s efforts. Payment for training and spare parts cost shall be agreed upon in the separate contract or additional agreement.

2. Maintenance servicing timeframe are compliant with equipment preventive maintenance schedule. The Supplier’s specialist on-site visit to perform maintenance servicing and to give recommendations upon worn-out parts and aggregates replacement shall be carried out upon the Customer’s request. Payment shall be settled for every visit of the specialists. Spare parts delivery time shall be agreed upon individually.

3. Maintenance is performed upon agreement with the fixed service fees. As per agreement spare parts from the list shipment and the Supplier’s specialists visit to perform maintenance and to solve all problems with the operated equipment shall be executed upon the first request of the Customer. Service fees amount and list of equipment booked for the Customer is settled in a separate Agreement.

Each option is considered individually depending on the Customer’s resources and wish.

Four regional store-houses for spare parts and component parts have been formed to perform equipment maintenance and warranty servicing.

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