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Process research in the sphere of mineral processing is one of the basic activity areas of Scientific and Production Association "RIVS".

SPA "RIVS" develops and implements new benefication technologies for the following types of minerals:

• Nonferrous metal ores.
• Auriferous ores.
• Iron-bearing magnetite and hematite ores.
• Nonmetallic minerals.
• Mining chemical feedstock.
• Industrial raw materials.

The Association conducts an overall battery of studies, including:

• geological and mineralogical evaluation of deposits which includes process chart preparation, core sampling, and testing;


• material composition analysis;


• mineralogical studies;

• determination of physical and mechanical properties of minerals;


• physical and chemical analysis techniques for minerals;

• test work for determination of main benefication techniques;


• large-scale process research, selection of the expedient mineral processing flowsheet and modes of mineral processing;

• pilot and industrial tests of the developed production process;


• elaboration of  process procedures for minerals benefication;

• delivery of initial data for design of processing plants with selection of the main process equipment.

Studied processes

Ore Dressing

• Ore grindability tests to determine:
- semiautogenous grinding process indices: SAG Mill Comminution (SMC), SAG Power Index (SPI), Drop-Weight Test (DWT);
- Bond Work indices (BWi) during grinding in ball and rod mills: Bond Ball Mill Grindability Test, Bond Rod Mill Grindability Test;
- Bond crushability and abrasion indices: Bond Low-energy Impact Test, Bond Abrasion (Ai).
• Modelling of crushing, grinding and classification process using licensed software JKSIMMET;
• Calculation and selection of crushing, grinding and classification equipment;
• Design of process flow and process instrumentation diagrams of the ore preparation stages with consideration of physical and mechanical properties of minerals.


• Determination of possibility to remove part of burden by different dressing methods;
• Heavy medium benefication,separation, etc.

Gravity Concentration

• Jigging;
• Table concentration;
• Benefication in centrifugal apparatus, etc.

Magnetic Separation

• Determination of magnetic properties of minerals;
• Research on separators with weak magnetic field;
• Research on separators with strong magnetic field.


• Laboratory studies with the aim to develop flowsheet and reagent modes which ensure specified technological parameters;
• Design of machine flow sheets;
• Adaptation of developed reagent modes to the conditions of operating processing plants;
• Engineering support of developed technologies at the industrial facilities.


Benefication of low-grade stock and commercial components which are difficult to recover:
• low-grade copper, copper-zinc raw materials;
• molybdenum-containing ores;
• gold-containing raw materials, etc.

Thickening and filtration

• Testing, pilot and industrial tests with the aim to determine thickening and filtration parameters;
• Calculation and selection of necessary equipment.


Research facilities of SPA "RIVS"

• Saint-Petersburg
• Uchaly (Republic of Bashkortostan)
• Gai (Orenburg Region)


Mineral processing plants where the technical skills and technological developments of CJSC SPA "RIVS" have been implemented or prepared for implementation:


OJSC “Kola MMC”, Murmansk region
Polar division, Norilsk
JSC “Uchalinsiy GOK”
“Uchalinskiy GOK”, Sibai office
JSC “Svyatogor”
JSC “Gaisky GOK”
“Bashmed” LLC, Khaibullinskaya mineral processing plant
JSC “Sredneuralskiy copper smelter” (SUMZ)
CJSC “Urupskiy GOK”
OJSC “Siberia-Polymetals”, Rubtsovkaya mineral processing plant
OJSC “Uralkaliy”
CJSC “Ormet”
OJSC “Silvinit”
CJSC “Karabashmed”
JSC “Korshunovsky GOK”
CJSC “Severstal Recources”, JSC “Karelsky okatysh”
JSC “Kovdorsky GOK”
JSC “Maykainzoloto”
JSC “Apatit”
OAO “Aleksandrinsk Mining Company”
JSC “Vishnevogorsky GOK”
JSC “Evrazruda”
“Sovrudnik” LLC
JSC “Mikhailovsky GOK”
“Novoangarsky GOK” LLC
Baikal Mine Group
CJSC “Mansurovskoye quarry”
Private entrepreneur Ozhegov


JSC “Inguletsky GOK”
JSC “Centralny GOK”
JSC “Krivorozhstal”
JSC “Severny GOK”
JSC “Poltavsky GOK”


LPP Corporation “Kazakhmys”
PO “Vostoktsvetmet”
Zhezkentsky concentrator
Nikolayevsky concentrator
Belousovsky concentrator
Berezovsky concentrator
PO “Zhezkazgantsvetmet”
Zhezkazgan concentrator #1 and #2
Satpayev concentrator
PO “Karagandatsvetmet”
Balkhash concentrator
Karagaily concentrator
Nurkazgan concentrator
JSC “Kazzinc”
Zyrianovsk concentrator
Ridder concentrator
JSC “Maykainzoloto”


JSC “Almalyk Mining Metallurgical Complex”
State company “Navoi MMC”


MR KOO “Erdenet Mining Corporation”
KOO “Mongolrostsvetmet”, Bor-Undur Mine and Mineral Processing Plant


CJSC “Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine”
CJSC “Base Metals” Drmbon
Agarak Copper Molybdenum Combine
CJSC “Deno Gold Mining Company”, Kapansky GOK


Copper Mining and Smelting Complex Bor


Carmen Copper Corporation

Complex approach of  SPA "RIVS" to the development and implementation of modern minerals benefication technologies allows to:

· Increase market product output by:
- increasing of metal recovery into concentrates;
- improving concentrate quality;
- reducing metal losses in thickening and filtration operations;
- increasing processing plants capacity.
· Decrease processing costs for 1 ton of ore;
· Decrease specific power consumption;
· Use waste tailings for backfilling;
· Use total water circulation in production cycle;
· Decrease the emission of contaminants into the environment.

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