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Ore processing technologies

Improvement of ore processing processes has always been one of the priority areas at mineral processing plants, since ore processing is in general the most expensive process step in dressing mills, particularly crushing and grinding (where typically more than 60% of total operational expenditure is incurred).

Today, with rising energy prices, finding an optimal solution for ore processing is becoming even more urgent. In order to achieve improved process plant performance and reduce specific energy consumption, it is necessary to undertake a thorough audit of the existing processing plant with the assistance of plant specialists to carefully analyze cost and develop alternative modernization options, perform economic estimation of the options. When making engineering decisions it is required to use the most up-to-date equipment which ensures the necessary level of process performance. Only if these conditions are fulfilled, it is possible to develop high-quality solutions which enable enhanced plant performance.

The Association performs:

• Audit and analysis of ore processing schemes at operating plants.
• Development and assessment of refurbishment and reconstruction options for ore processing  schemes at operating plants using advanced technologies and up-to-date process equipment.
• Development of ore processing flowcharts for newly designed plants.
• Technical and economic evaluations of ore processing options including capital costs, and payback period for proposed solutions.
• Complete set of engineering services for elaborated solutions.

In order to provide proposed process solutions with the most advanced equipment, our Association works in close cooperation with leading ore processing equipment manufacturers both  domestically (Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation, Syzran Heavy Machine Building Plant) and internationally (Metso Minerals, HUMBOLDT WEDAG and others).

Today, CJSC SPA "RIVS” has the necessary skills and capability to improve the ore-dressing process performance for a wide range of conditions and equipment requirements.

Standard series of screen types (including screens equipped with ESALKH rubber screen panels of our own production) manufactured by the Association, in most cases make it possible to select a typical solution.  However, if such a solution does not meet the Customer's requirements, a custom-made screen with all necessary specifications, based on the existing screens, can be manufactured.

Results of solving complex problems using new and modernized crushing and sizing equipment:

The economic impact of such a solution is the achievement of production costs reduction (in the  cost per ton of concentrate produced). That is achieved by:
• reducing the operating costs related to fine and intermediate crushers by optimizing the original feed, which makes it possible to increase the service life of mantles, eccentrics and to reduce maintenance downtime;
• reducing the specific power consumption, consumption of grinding media and linings related to grinding operations and achieved by reducing the original feed size in the grinding circuit, which makes it possible to increase mill capacity.

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