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Reference list of executed ore preparation projects

Item No.CUSTOMERName of projects




JSC “Mikhailovsky GOK”

Feasibility study of disintegration processes modernization and retrofitting of the crushing and grinding stages with the aim to increase ore processing capacity to 50 million tons per year.

Retrofitting of the 5 processing lines using KMD-2200T6-D crushers.

Size reduction of the crushed product: from 25.0 to 16.0 mm.

2005 – 2008




UMMC Holding Corporation
JSC “Uchalinsky GOK”

Operating procedure for retrofitting of the crushing section in order to increase ore processing capacity to 6.5 million tons of ore per year.






Design of the section for washing of the coarsed-crushed ore with separate slime flotation.


Retrofitting of the fine crushing stage with commissioning of two screens GST-52M (S=7.9m2) and crusher KMD-2200 T1-DM .
Size reduction of the crushed product: from 30 to 16 mm.
2005 – 2009

At the design stage


UMMC Holding Corporation “Bashmed” LLC

Operating procedure for feasibility study elaboration for processing copper and copper-zinc ores from the Yubileynoye deposit.


Process flow diagram for a three-stage grinding with the use of semi-autogenous grinding process was designed.




UMMC Holding Corporation
JSC “Gaisky GOK”

1. Technical audit of existing technology and of the existing state of crushing and grinding sections of the dressing plant.

2. The concept of technological development of processing plant Gaisky GOK JSC was developed.

A list of activities was elaborated in order to increase ore-dressing performance of the dressing mill.
A list of activities was elaboratedin order to increase processing capacity from 6 to 8 million tons per year.



RAO “Norilsk Nickel”
JSC “Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company”

Elaboration of the operating procedure for the project: “Dressing plant. Construction of the coarse-crushed ore screening unit with the use of washing and further processing of the screened material”.



Increase in production capacity by 1.0 million tons of ore per year.
Size reduction of the crushed material product: to 14.00 mm.

2008 – 2010



RAO “Norilsk Nickel”
JSC “Mining and Metallurgical Company Norilsk Nickel”
Feasibility study for the improvement of ore-preparation performance in the processing of Talnakh ores at the Norilsk concentrator.

Supply and commissioning of 2 screens GST-72S, (S=12m2).
Planned ore processing of one process line (instead of two) was ensured. Interval repair cycle was increased by 30%. Screening efficiency was increased by 22%. Annual economic benefits amounted to 7700 thousand rubles.

2004 – 2005



JSC "Apatit"

Feasibility study of the process and equipment retrofitting at the crushing section of the dressing plant ANOF-2 (Apatite-and-nepheline dressing plant- 2).


Crusher KMD-2200 T5-D and screens GIT-51MA were supplied and commissioned. Screens in operation were retrofitted.
Size of the crushed product was reduced from 25 to 18 mm.

2003 – 2005



JSC "Uralkali"

Feasibility study of the ore-preparation process and equipment improvement  at the 4th Section of BKPRU-3 (Berezniki plant – 3) flotation dressing plant.

Supply and commissioning of screens GST-52UK (S=7.9 m2) for wet classification of salts. Completeness of fine grain extraction before grinding was enhanced by increasing screening efficiency.


JSC “Vishnevogorsky GOK”

Audit of the existing process and the technical state of crushing and grinding section of the dressing plant for feldspar ores processing.

Measures for modernization of grinding equipment were elaborated in order to increase production capacity and reduce power consumption by 30%.

2008 – 2009




CJSC “Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine”

1. Elaboration of the process procedure for design of expansion and retrofitting of dressing plant at Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine CJSC to achieve production capacity of 12.5 million tons of ore per year.

2. Design engineering and construction of a new semi-autogenous grinding plant


1. Audit of crushing and grinding stage of Kajaran mineral processing plant.

2. The following large-volume mills were put into operation:

SAG mill 10.37x4.57 (V=405 m3;2x4500 kW)

Ball mill 6.1x9.5 (V=260 m3;6,400 kW).





JSC “Severny GOK”


Technical and economic feasibility study of revitalization of crushing and grinding section at the dressing plant.

Commissioning of crushers KSD-2200T-D (2 units).

Increase in concentrate production to 18.9 million tons per year.

2008 – 2010




JSC “Inguletsky GOK”

Efforts are underway to the elaboration of process procedure for design engineering and technical and economic calculation (project documentation) for construction of the hematite ore (oxidized quartzites) crushing-and-dressing complex at Inguletsky Ore Mining and Processing Plant with production capacity of 7.0 million tons of ore per year.


At the design stage.





Mongolia-Russian Erdenet Mining Corporation Ltd.


Elaboration and implementation of the concept to increase capacity of the mining and processing complex Erdenet up to 30 million tons of ore per year.

1. Elaboration of feasibility study and process procedure for construction of precrushing and grinding section.

2. Elaboration of feasibility study for recrushing of fine crushed product  (with closed circuit excluded).

3. Design and construction of the building for precrushing and extension of the building for autogenous grinding.


1. Installation of mills –SAG mill (MPSI) 10.34x4.6 and ball mill (MSHTs)-6100-9500.


2. Installation of the cone crushers (“calibrators”) or high pressure rolls (3 pcs.). Size reduction of the crushed product up to 10 mm.


3. At the design stage.




Mongolrostsvetmet LLC, Bor-Undur Mine and Mineral Processing Plant

Operating procedure: “Modernization of dressing plant at Bor-Undur Mine and Mineral Processing Plant”.

1. Guidelines for modernization of the grinding equipment were elaborated to increase production capacity and to reduce power consumption by 15-20%.

2. In order to reduce the size of fine-crushed ore to 12 mm, the project provides for installation of centrifugal impact crusher DC-1,65

2008 – 2009



LCC Corporation “Kazakhmys”, Satpayev Concentrator


Feasibility study of increasing the capacity and screening efficiency of the medium and fine crushing stages.


Supply and commissioning of 4 screens GST-81R (S=18m2)

Increase in concentrator production capacity from 3.0 to 5.0 million tons per year without replacement of crushing equipment.

1999 – 2002



JSC “Almalyk Mining Metallurgical Complex”



1. The process procedure was elaborated for ore-preparation stage of the project “Reconstruction of crushing and grinding sections of the copper dressing plant”.


2. Feasibility study was elaborated for the project “Reconstruction of crushing and grinding sections of a copper dressing plant” using large-volume semi-autogenous mills.


September 2011                     Increase in ore processing capacity to 30,0 million tons per year.


Feasibility study was approved.



East Point Holdings Ltd.

Audit of copper smelter slag and run-of-mine ore dressing processes at the dressing plant “Bor” and copper ore at the dressing plant “Veliki Krivelj”.


The report on retrofitting of crushing and grinding stages of slag processing using cyclical-and-continuous method was elaborated.


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